About us


“Kreuzberg Kinder”, the “kids” of Kreuzberg, know exactly what it means to be free.


They know that to be free is NOT about living luxurious life on a yacht. Hell no.


Being free is about breaking the rules. It’s about tagging your name on a wall on a moonless night. It’s about squatting in an abandoned building. It’s about planting a kiss on a lover’s lips, and who cares about their gender. It’s about embracing your own contrasts and passion regardless of what anyone else’s thinks. These “kids” are our inspiration here at KruezbergKinder. We want too believe that true freedom requires rule-breaking and that real creativity flourishes only where borders and boundaries are crossed.


This is how we came up with rule-breaking glasses.


No more hot-shot fashion designers designing glasses for the mega-rich.  Our super chic and unique designs – influenced by real people living in the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg in Berlin – are made to the highest quality, but will not put a hole in your pocket or bring you to tears when you see their price. Ideas and dreams of artists, activists, shop owners, djs and even bankers, all residents of Kreuzberg – blend into the sophisticated simplicity of our collections. It is a celebration of mixed cultures and life styles, much like Berlin itself. And the best thing about it? Everyone is welcome. 


Express who you are, or become someone else. Cross the boundaries and cut those chains. Break the rules.