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Le Tanneur

Crafting Leather

Le Tanneur



This is the beginning of the story of Mr Bonnardel, an inventive leather merchant, and Mr Bonnardel, a leather craftsman with exceptional skills, who came together to launch the first luxury item in French leather goods: the Sans Couture.


Much like origami made with a single piece of leather, this true work of art, vastly ahead of its time, is met with astounding success.

This revolutionary wallet is awarded the silver award at the World Fair in Paris in 1900. After this the reputation of the Maison is assured and Le Tanneur lays down the foundation of the values that will come to define its fame: quality, creativity, elegance, and innovation.


Mr Gianinetto, a brilliant young Italian man, takes over the Maison and brings to it a corporate culture that is modern, industrial and communicative.


During the 1930s, Le Tanneur launches many accessories made of leather for both men and women. The label comes with the promise of exceptional quality and therefore it becomes the reference for small leather goods made for a prestigious clientele.

Le Tanneur is a true pioneer in terms of communication and does not hesitate to invest in large-scale advertisement campaigns, which is revolutionary for this time.


Hundreds of posters are hung along the roads of France attracting the attention of passing drivers.


To add to the innovative campaign, Le Tanneur publishes catalogues and printing up to a million copies.


During the 2000s, Le Tanneur strongly develops its retail network which boasts around 60 shops today, making the label the No.1 network of leather goods in France.


Based on the leather workshops of the past, the shops are arranged with raw materials such as wood, leather and concrete and decorated with warm tones from tender chocolate to natural brown.


To celebrate its 115th anniversary, the Le Tanneur Maison trusted Guila Clara Kessous, UNESCO's artist for peace, with the task of reinterpreting its iconic product: the Sans Couture. Drawing inspiration from the original poster, the artist created a wallet made of tan leather adorned with a braid resembling one found on a tamer's uniform.


Le Tanneur develops a new store concept. Combining authenticity and sophistication, ingenuity and aesthetics. The new interior serves as a stunning showcase for the brands' collections.


Point of elegance without authenticity! Point of life without movement. Le Tanneur creates real bags for living that move and adapt perfectly to the different lifestyles of their owners. With pockets for keeping everything together, ingenious accessories and innovative materials – they have all the little details that really make a difference!

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