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Prize winning French design


French designer Nathalie Blanc celebrated a victory at Silmo 2018 for model Suzanne 253, a gold rimmed round sunglasses design, that won the award in the category entitled, “Special Jury Prize”.

Made exclusively in France, the winning design is described as having a pure and delicate form, with particular care placed on every detail.


“…the award shines the spotlight on the meticulous finishing work done by the French factories to achieve an outstanding model that is both elegant and rare…”



Nathalie Blanc is proud to share with you her new frame Anaëlle.


The Anaëlle is a metal frame inspired by 70’s and take the iconic Nathalie Blanc Paris reversed bridge. 

Nathalie wanted to highlight the ancient know-how of enamelers and mosaicists. Four models are available, each one of them is composed with three colors that have been chosen according to trends and inspired by the designer’s travels.

It took a year and a half for this masterpiece to see the light of day.

The frame is polished so that every impurity is removed from the metal which then receives an electrolyze treatment with 22 carat gold. 

To prevent corrosion, the frame is varnished by hand with a pistol.

Small rectangles dug in the metal are manually filled with lacquer-needle and cooked flat for an hour and a half at 150°.