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How does Weareannu do it better?

Keep it simple

We believe in design that is elegant and to the point. We don't over complicate; we simplify and refine.

Make it honest

We work with integrity, treating people and the environment with respect. We want to encourage a better approach.

Build it Smart

We think it is important to place new technology at the forefront of our thinking by finding new and exciting ways to manufacture.


Plant-based, 3D printed

All our frames are plant-based and 3d-printed using the latest manufacturing technology. This way, we can offer many colours and styles without overproducing, which means more choice and less waste. All optical models are available with an optional 2 mm adjustment to increase or decrease the width of the bridge, depending on the client’s needs.

Screenshot 2023-05-23 121015.png

Customisable frames, Titanium temples

The temples are made of high-grade titanium and come in three different sizes (S, M, L) and four finishes - Raw, Black, Gold, and Bronze (Black, Gold, and Bronze are PVD colour coated). Temple-tips are one size fits all, made of polypropylene.

Our Product, How it works

1. Screw-less hinge
The screw-less titanium hinge clips in
perfectly to any of our 3D-printed frames
with its smart interlocking connection.

2. Printed frame
Our frames are 3D-printed using a plant
based polymer. We offer a multitude of
colours and styles without overproducing
which means more choice, less waste.

3. Fitting system
Our fitting system tailors your glasses to
fit your face by offering temples,
nosepads and bridges in three different

Screenshot 2023-05-23 121039.png

Crazy Light
Our glasses are lightweight for a reason. Less
material, less waste, also means less weight on your face, making your glasses much more pleasurable to wear.

Super Flexible
Flexibility is essential in a good pair of glasses. That's why we use durable materials combined with our highly engineered CLIP hinge to create a flexible, robust structure that is exceptionally hard-wearing.

Perfect Fit
Everybody's glasses need to be a perfect fit.
Thankfully, our unique fitting system offers temples, bridge and nose pads in three different sizes so that your optician can easily adjust your glasses to fit your face.
We make our glasses so they fit your face
perfectly and so light that you forget they are even there.

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